The Property Healer works with owners and real estate agents to work on their “problem” houses that for some unknown reason prove hard to sell.

Generally we work with Real Estate agents to diagnose houses that are just not selling and no one can tell why, most potential purchasers feel that the house has bad or negative vibes.

All the essential  features are present,  number of bedrooms, car parks etc but something is stopping a commitment, the agent can’t figure out why there are no or low offers coming in, any offers well under expectations.

We use Feng Shui principals, checking  earth’s Magnetic Energy, Geopathic stress, underground water streams,  electrical interference, radiation from radars, phone, and other transmitters. We also check all Ley Lines both general and specific to the property using remote Dowsing.

Dennis Toop is our principal consultant who has over forty five years experience in electronics repairs to component level, electrical wiring, currently holds Trade qualifications in Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and has been water divining and dowsing for over fifty years.

Dennis trained under Juergen Schmidt, Patrick DesPlace, and has studied with the Rosecrucians.

He is Treasurer of the South Australian Dowsers and member of British Society of Dowsers  and the Dowsers club of Victoria, and is a regular guest speaker.

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