Harmonious Home

While repairing a phone system recorder at an Adelaide Taxi company headquarters, the manager was talking about how his house was not selling. He knew I had three brothers all in Real Estate and could I ask one of them why isn’t it selling.

I volunteered to have a look at it from a dowsing perspective, as I had been successful before. To say he was sceptical would be a gross understatement.

Armed with a floor plan of the house, I proceeded to dowse with the pendulum. underground water streams didn’t flow under sleeping areas so they didn’t appear to be the issue. However, I did find a significant negative

Ley Line aimed at the third bedroom, exactly where the bed was positioned.

Once found, ley lines can be dated and the direction and distance to the source determined. For this particular lay line, the negative ley line began 9 months earlier. The negative energy was directed into the third bedroom from another person 3.6 kilometres away in a south east direction. The ley line was still current (not historic) and quite intense and was personal in nature. As it was current, I decided to look up the house address on a street directory map and dowsed the ley line from the house to a prestigious private boys school three pages away.

With this insight, I called the owner. I asked him who sleeps in the third bedroom? His teenage son. Does he attend this particular school? Yes, he’s third generation. Has he been complaining about someone harassing him at the school? Yes, but we thought he was exaggerating.

My advice was that nothing good can come from someone thinking about your son in a negative way, at night, while he’s in bed asleep. I warned him he should act to correct this situation. Before broaching the subject with his son, however, he must be prepared to take action. To bring this up without taking it seriously would be worse than doing nothing at all.

I suggested they sit down with the boy and ask him what was happening at School and then offer unconditional backing for whatever he wanted to do.

The son was very relieved to hear this and said he never wanted to step foot in that school again, His mother went to the school and picked up his belongings telling the school he would not be back.

Within a few weeks, the son was in a new school and harmony had returned to the home. Their son was back to normal and they could not believe how much happier the entire family was.

They realised selling the house was a sub conscious, kneejerk reaction to the tension in the family. Once the son felt loved and empowered the tension was gone and they felt no need to move house.

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