Impeccable Thoughts

Several years ago I spoke at The Dowsers Club of Victoria. After the meeting I was contacted by one of the members explaining she was having problems selling her farm on the Mornington Peninsular.

She sent through a floor plan, which had two ley lines (thoughts) aimed at either side of the bed in the master bedroom. I then checked how long since the ley lines were put in place. The ley line to the right hand side of the bed was created eight years ago. The ley line to the left hand side of the bed was only 18 months old.

When I asked the owner who slept on the right hand side 8 years ago, it was her. Eight years ago, she told me, her husband, and the father of her three children, had left her for another woman.

When I asked her who slept on the left hand side of the bed 18 months ago, she said it was her as well! She had changed to the other side of the bed when she re-married and 18 months ago her ex-husband had starting contacting her wanting to come home.

Both lay lines were being caused by her ex-husband and this negative energy was hurting the sale of the farm.

Her first reaction was to ring him in America and give him a piece of her mind ! I advised her that that was unlikely to remove the negative ley lines (it might even strengthen them). Rather, she could dissuade the energy by subconsciously sending a message to her ex-husband, thereby creating a positive ley line of her own.

I often use an impeccable thought in situations like this. An impeccable thought is a positive and perfect thought that can transcend to another person’s psyche. My favourite is “I honour the light and life in you. I am grateful to spend this time and space in love with you”.

I told the farm owner to direct an impeccable thought toward her ex-husband. Her impeccable thougt was “I honour the light and life in you and am great full for the life we had, the three kids we raised and the farm we built, but it’s time to let the kids and I go free”. She concentrated on this thought several times over the next few days in order.

The next time I talked to her, an offer had been made on the farm, but it was lower than she wanted and she asked my advice. This time I suggested the following impeccable thought:  “whoever you are out there, I have cleared up the issue clouding my property with my ex-husband it is now ready for you to purchase and move into, but I do need $50,000 more”.

The next day she got the call from her agent “you’ll never guess who just called me. It’s those people from a few weeks ago enquiring if the farm was still on the market. They wondered if they offered more money, would that seal the deal?” And the amount they offered was $50,000.The farm owner had goosebumps when she signed the contract and called to tell me.

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