An Old Bluestone Home With No Soul

Recently, I was asked to look at a beautiful old bluestone two-story home in a prestigious suburb of Adelaide. This house had been up for sale for four years and presented by three different real estate agents. All had failed to sell it, or even garner any significant interest, and no one could understand why. I took a look at the property’s energy and found… nothing.

Absolutely no ley lines – zero, zilch. There was nothing good or bad in the house.

This lack of energy could be expected in a greenfield property in which no one had ever lived, but not a classic old home. I have come across this before where a person has “cleared” the property, taking out both the good and the bad energy.

Using dowsing techniques, I worked out that the clearing had occurred only one year ago while a strong negative lay line had been formed six years ago in the second bedroom.

My hypothesis was that when people inspected the property, they would have felt something was wrong or out of place due to the lack of character for a house this old. How could something so old have no energy, positive or negative? This mismatch would make them wary about committing to purchasing the property. The house was described as feeling “Soul less”

I coached the real estate agent to address this unusual feeling directly – to acknowledge that the inhabitants of the house had cleared everything out completely after a sad event, and as a result it was now a blank canvas ready for your family to move in and make it your own.

Two days later, During the very next open inspection, I received a text to say my advice had worked and the house was under contract. It was a very fast turnaround after 4 years of attempts to sell by three different agents!!

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