The Water Fountain

I was given the address and plans for a new fifteen block development in Adelaide.This now empty block of land had recently been a well-known and well-loved old mansion. The local community were against the development and the situation was getting quite heated, even spilling into the local news. The developers couldn’t understand the negative outcry and brought me in for some answers.

After dowsing the plan, I found a pattern. While there were a number of ley lines in the area, the vast majority (around 85 percent) were aimed at a spot between blocks 3 and 4.

At this point, I went back to the developers to find out what was originally in this spot. A large water fountain, sitting in front of the mansion, was the answer. So that was the key – the fountain!

Our subconscious mind works in symbols and the symbol for this land was the fountain. When the locals thought about this new development, they subconsciously thought of the (missing) fountain.

I advised the developers to find the fountain and put it back in its rightful place. They had donated it to the council who had subsequently lost it…all ten tons of concrete!

As reinstalling the fountain was no longer an option, I advised every piece of paper work, signage or advertising feature an image of the fountain. They took this advice on board and even moulded the fountain image into the concrete posts surrounding the development.

The Fountain motif on the gates of the development
The Fountain motif on the gates of the development

Suddenly they were out of the newspapers, the local resistance subsided, calmness was restored and the blocks sold.

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