63 Fifth Avenue, St Peters, Cecilia?

When I first met Steve & Amelia at their home, there was a lot of Wow! About the home and we worked out the strategy….this will be highly sought after.

The stylists came in and with their help Steve & Amelia transformed the home from a wonderful family home to a show piece ready for the market. It looked sensational, we took night photos, prepared the marketing material…ready to go.

I had several enquiries off the Vault before we released publicly “this is going to go off”

One group really wanted the home, but wanted a complex arrangement which we were not prepared to consider without seeing what the market would do.

Great advert in the paper and we’re away, lots of people through, lots of great comments and all seemed good. Many locals through, all hoping that we get the price we are suggesting because that will be good for them. One person, Ali, who looks at lots of property, loves the home, but thinks we are way over the price, suggesting we’ll struggle to get $1.4m (quoting $1.6m)

Subsequent inspections, we continued to have good numbers through, but no one really seemed to jump out as buyers. The comments were good, but a lot of discussion about the small ensuite and main bathroom, no built in robes to the bedrooms and the size of the bedrooms. Early days, but we’ll be ok!

Another similar property was released to the market in the next street by a competitor agent, not as large, but very similar….priced to go to auction after us at $1.4m and they were openly telling people they expected a lot more. This obviously raised concerns and clearly if people were thinking that we are looking to $1.7+, this was not going to happen!

After a discussion with Steve & Amelia, we removed the price & I sent messages to every person who has been through so far to alert them to a price review as the owners had found a property to purchase and so are keen to secure a sale. The reserve will be around $1.5m.

The last weekend inspection was ok, but not particularly different. On Saturday night I had several very long text messages from a very stressed Steve, who clearly was uptight about how we were tracking. I had a buyer advocate who has a buyer matching the property very well and has a budget $1.5m. I got them through on the Monday before the auction. To his and my dismay she left the brochure on the kitchen bench, saying it didn’t feel right, there were too many things she would want to change.

I decided then, I had to do something else, after calling my brother, Den, I asked him to have a look at the property to see if he could identify any issues that might be causing this sort of reaction. He acted quickly and sent me a text message Tuesday afternoon with his thoughts before I was due to meet with Steve & Amelia. The text message read:


I met Steve & Amelia at his office Tuesday night, to discuss the auction strategy and answer questions. Before we started, I said that because of concerns I had, I had asked Den to have a look at the home to work out if there was other issues. Steve immediately reacted and said it was the ghost, the little girl. Suddenly everything changed……….. They were both obviously relieved that they could talk to me about something that had been happening at their home for a very long time. Steve described  a little girl in a nightie appearing by the door to the WIR, quite often. She would have an effect on Steve, sometimes he felt her on him while he was in bed. He would find it very difficult to move and get out of bed.

I immediately went the car to get my phone so that I could show them the text message I had got from Den earlier that day. The similarities to his story were uncanny. I rang Den to find out more and he said he would have another look to see what he can pick up? He messaged again Wednesday morning….

“Hi Lew I think it’s a girl 12yrs5months old born July 1897 name Cecelish?a?  Nottage died of sickness (not foul play) was the house even built then? Who owned it? Interesting one!! Den goodluck”

I encouraged Steve & Amelia, that what has happened may be enough to fix the problem. An example of that was I had phone calls from Ali and Ern Koh, asking for information regarding the upcoming auction on Thursday.

We also removed the print of a girl in the front bedroom, because Steve had a really bad feeling when he saw that. Another issue was the negative effect from underground streams across the lounge and rear study, Steve & Amelia admitted that they rarely used the lounge and they had had problems with the floor in the study. Jane & I has spoken about how cold the home felt, particularly the front old section. It was clear that this girl was not happy with the changes, the strangers coming into the home, confused about what was happening and this was the cause of the bad energy.

Steve made contact with a guy on Melbourne who was known to be able to clear the home of these kinds of things. He apparently just needed the address and spoke to Steve when he was at the property. He identified that the issue was with Steve, not Amelia, that it was like a father/daughter relationship. He guided Steve into the main bedroom and without knowledge of Den’s prior observation, started talking about a scared little girl in the corner of the room, who didn’t know what was happening. Steve was the person to ‘take her to the other side, to reunite her with her Grandmother. He talked Steve through this, saying at one stage to stop go back to wait for the little girl , across a bridge to the other side. This was achieved and the little girl met her Grandma and was happy again. This would clear the home! All of this happened within the main bedroom with Amelia in the kitchen. ” after this Steve finished his phone call and virtually collapsed in tears in the kitchen, feeling drained, not believing what has just happened.

One of the text messages describing this are as follows;

Hey Lew, just to fill you in, single weirdest experience of my 51 years. All is good, you’ll feel the change tomorrow, a different house. We had a very scared, very upset and agitated little girl who has now crossed to the other side…I took her, hand in hand to her grandmother….The energy Den picked up, was her standing in the corner of our bedroom above the cellar…..she didn’t understand what was happening….why all these people were in her house…but we weren’t there. The effect on me was literally..’out of this world’…we couldn’t leave her either….now she’s safe.
Just when you think you’ve seen it all….think again.
See you in the morning.

Auction day arrived, so much had taken place in the last 24 hours, I was prepared to be working beyond the auction to find a buyer, but we had 2 people register.  Ali’s partner, who yesterday said he didn’t have his finances ready and wouldn’t be there and Ern who had only seen it on Tuesday and was buying for his brother from Melbourne who hadn’t seen it.

The rest is history, because both parties bid and with some hard negotiating we managed to get Ern to increase his bid to $1.51m, providing the bidding didn’t reopen and it is sold. This was done to the delight and relief of us all.

A great outcome, but one of the most memorable sales for me in 20 years.


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