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A big thanks to Den’s dowsing

Our house wasn’t selling and we were trying for 12 months. Den was recommended as an alternative approach to help reach a successful sale.

Den spent a lot of time in the background analysing the house, property and its situation and then finding ley lines and  ‘Dowsing’ our home.

Den came to our home and explained the situation. He was highly prepared, very professional and showed a kind and sensitive approach to selling our home.

His advice included using a positive Mantra, to say regularly each day. It was such a positive approach.

While I don’t deeply understand the spiritual side of his art, “the proof was in the pudding”. Within two weeks we had a keen buyer with an acceptable offer and the sale went ahead.

It was a huge relief and we are so grateful to have Den’s input and expertise.


Another coincidence…

I was asked to look at a property which was not inspiring any interest. It was a large two story home with four bedrooms.

I normally connect with the property by checking the underground water first. This was interesting as there were three streams crossing under the kitchen area. This would not be a health problem where it was as it didn’t involve bedrooms.

I then looked at the leylines through the house. There were five, all aimed at the small bedroom next to the dining room. When looking into these further, they were all to do with business and from five years ago. I deduced this must be a home office.

The agent confirmed that the owners had used the office but had only owned the house for two years. The leylines were 5 years old so the deal was done by the previous owners, and the last two owners had used that room as an office for their business.

I asked what the room currently looked like. He said it had been set up as an empty bedroom. I suggested he put a phone and computer on a desk to suggest its business use and to explain the “office” energy present in that room..

He was under strict instructions not to advertise what it had been used for.

We settled on taking anyone interested to the room and advising the potential buyer this room is wired for phones and computers.  With this insight and approach, the house sold within a week.

When I checked my floor plan I realised there was a bedroom downstairs directly under the kitchen, I rang the agent to check no one was using this room. Why?

Anyone sleeping in this room would be sick as the three streams crossing were large enough to completely cover the area. Anyone living in that room would be at heightened risk  a whole of body illness.

Their teenager had Lymphoma!

It may just be another coincidence…

The Naturopath

Around twenty years ago, I worked with a Naturopath who understood and helped patients affected by geopathic stress. Geopathic stress is basically where the frequency and strength of the energy in the earth’s magnetic field affects us in a physical way.

Other forms of energy can also be deleterious to our health power line and faulty earthing can cause sleep problems.

However, on this occasion the Naturopath was the one affected. She was unable to sleep in her own bedroom but had no problem sleeping in the spare bedroom.

Interestingly, this was not an earth energy issue. I dowsed the radiation from her meter box on the outside wall of her master bedroom, it had Power line radiation from the meter so you had to be 6 meters from the box to be at a safe distance. While her bed was within six meters of the meter box, the spare bed was 7 meters away. An earth peg to ground the meter box fixed her sleeping problems.

Her husband was very grateful.

The Water Fountain

I was given the address and plans for a new fifteen block development in Adelaide.This now empty block of land had recently been a well-known and well-loved old mansion. The local community were against the development and the situation was getting quite heated, even spilling into the local news. The developers couldn’t understand the negative outcry and brought me in for some answers.

After dowsing the plan, I found a pattern. While there were a number of ley lines in the area, the vast majority (around 85 percent) were aimed at a spot between blocks 3 and 4.

At this point, I went back to the developers to find out what was originally in this spot. A large water fountain, sitting in front of the mansion, was the answer. So that was the key – the fountain!

Our subconscious mind works in symbols and the symbol for this land was the fountain. When the locals thought about this new development, they subconsciously thought of the (missing) fountain.

I advised the developers to find the fountain and put it back in its rightful place. They had donated it to the council who had subsequently lost it…all ten tons of concrete!

As reinstalling the fountain was no longer an option, I advised every piece of paper work, signage or advertising feature an image of the fountain. They took this advice on board and even moulded the fountain image into the concrete posts surrounding the development.

The Fountain motif on the gates of the development
The Fountain motif on the gates of the development

Suddenly they were out of the newspapers, the local resistance subsided, calmness was restored and the blocks sold.

An Old Bluestone Home With No Soul

Recently, I was asked to look at a beautiful old bluestone two-story home in a prestigious suburb of Adelaide. This house had been up for sale for four years and presented by three different real estate agents. All had failed to sell it, or even garner any significant interest, and no one could understand why. I took a look at the property’s energy and found… nothing.

Absolutely no ley lines – zero, zilch. There was nothing good or bad in the house.

This lack of energy could be expected in a greenfield property in which no one had ever lived, but not a classic old home. I have come across this before where a person has “cleared” the property, taking out both the good and the bad energy.

Using dowsing techniques, I worked out that the clearing had occurred only one year ago while a strong negative lay line had been formed six years ago in the second bedroom.

My hypothesis was that when people inspected the property, they would have felt something was wrong or out of place due to the lack of character for a house this old. How could something so old have no energy, positive or negative? This mismatch would make them wary about committing to purchasing the property. The house was described as feeling “Soul less”

I coached the real estate agent to address this unusual feeling directly – to acknowledge that the inhabitants of the house had cleared everything out completely after a sad event, and as a result it was now a blank canvas ready for your family to move in and make it your own.

Two days later, During the very next open inspection, I received a text to say my advice had worked and the house was under contract. It was a very fast turnaround after 4 years of attempts to sell by three different agents!!

Harmonious Home

While repairing a phone system recorder at an Adelaide Taxi company headquarters, the manager was talking about how his house was not selling. He knew I had three brothers all in Real Estate and could I ask one of them why isn’t it selling.

I volunteered to have a look at it from a dowsing perspective, as I had been successful before. To say he was sceptical would be a gross understatement.

Armed with a floor plan of the house, I proceeded to dowse with the pendulum. underground water streams didn’t flow under sleeping areas so they didn’t appear to be the issue. However, I did find a significant negative

Ley Line aimed at the third bedroom, exactly where the bed was positioned.

Once found, ley lines can be dated and the direction and distance to the source determined. For this particular lay line, the negative ley line began 9 months earlier. The negative energy was directed into the third bedroom from another person 3.6 kilometres away in a south east direction. The ley line was still current (not historic) and quite intense and was personal in nature. As it was current, I decided to look up the house address on a street directory map and dowsed the ley line from the house to a prestigious private boys school three pages away.

With this insight, I called the owner. I asked him who sleeps in the third bedroom? His teenage son. Does he attend this particular school? Yes, he’s third generation. Has he been complaining about someone harassing him at the school? Yes, but we thought he was exaggerating.

My advice was that nothing good can come from someone thinking about your son in a negative way, at night, while he’s in bed asleep. I warned him he should act to correct this situation. Before broaching the subject with his son, however, he must be prepared to take action. To bring this up without taking it seriously would be worse than doing nothing at all.

I suggested they sit down with the boy and ask him what was happening at School and then offer unconditional backing for whatever he wanted to do.

The son was very relieved to hear this and said he never wanted to step foot in that school again, His mother went to the school and picked up his belongings telling the school he would not be back.

Within a few weeks, the son was in a new school and harmony had returned to the home. Their son was back to normal and they could not believe how much happier the entire family was.

They realised selling the house was a sub conscious, kneejerk reaction to the tension in the family. Once the son felt loved and empowered the tension was gone and they felt no need to move house.

Impeccable Thoughts

Several years ago I spoke at The Dowsers Club of Victoria. After the meeting I was contacted by one of the members explaining she was having problems selling her farm on the Mornington Peninsular.

She sent through a floor plan, which had two ley lines (thoughts) aimed at either side of the bed in the master bedroom. I then checked how long since the ley lines were put in place. The ley line to the right hand side of the bed was created eight years ago. The ley line to the left hand side of the bed was only 18 months old.

When I asked the owner who slept on the right hand side 8 years ago, it was her. Eight years ago, she told me, her husband, and the father of her three children, had left her for another woman.

When I asked her who slept on the left hand side of the bed 18 months ago, she said it was her as well! She had changed to the other side of the bed when she re-married and 18 months ago her ex-husband had starting contacting her wanting to come home.

Both lay lines were being caused by her ex-husband and this negative energy was hurting the sale of the farm.

Her first reaction was to ring him in America and give him a piece of her mind ! I advised her that that was unlikely to remove the negative ley lines (it might even strengthen them). Rather, she could dissuade the energy by subconsciously sending a message to her ex-husband, thereby creating a positive ley line of her own.

I often use an impeccable thought in situations like this. An impeccable thought is a positive and perfect thought that can transcend to another person’s psyche. My favourite is “I honour the light and life in you. I am grateful to spend this time and space in love with you”.

I told the farm owner to direct an impeccable thought toward her ex-husband. Her impeccable thougt was “I honour the light and life in you and am great full for the life we had, the three kids we raised and the farm we built, but it’s time to let the kids and I go free”. She concentrated on this thought several times over the next few days in order.

The next time I talked to her, an offer had been made on the farm, but it was lower than she wanted and she asked my advice. This time I suggested the following impeccable thought:  “whoever you are out there, I have cleared up the issue clouding my property with my ex-husband it is now ready for you to purchase and move into, but I do need $50,000 more”.

The next day she got the call from her agent “you’ll never guess who just called me. It’s those people from a few weeks ago enquiring if the farm was still on the market. They wondered if they offered more money, would that seal the deal?” And the amount they offered was $50,000.The farm owner had goosebumps when she signed the contract and called to tell me.