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Our Results

Over 100 properties dowsed to date, about 80% of which have sold at the next open inspection or soon afterwards.

I have had success with both houses and blocks of land. My preference is to work with private buyers and sellers instead of investors, since my focus is on the health and harmony of the property and its occupants.

Property Consultation

For a basic consultation, please provide

  • A floor plan and the address of the property
  • Your name, address, email, and phone number
  • Your reason for requesting the consultation, for example you wish to sell the property quickly at a reasonable price, or you want to know if a potential purchase will make a healthy home for you and your family
  • A time when you can be contacted by phone for 30 minutes

Your property will be analysed within a couple of days, and you will be contacted by phone or email with the results

Cost: $499 inc GST

Advanced Consultation

In addition to a phone consultation and after the analysis of the property, you will receive

  • A marked up floor-plan of the property with the positive and negative ley-lines indicated
  • A written analysis of the property and suggested next steps

Cost: $699 inc GST

Health Consultation

Health consultations are often much more complicated than property checks. Includes the Property Consultation package, Advanced Consultation package and additional modalities dependent on what we find

Cost: $799 inc GST

Additional Work

If you request followup work after the initial consultation or require general consultancy, contact us for a quote

Please note, all fees must be paid up before work will start. There is a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot find anything to help you

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