The Process

Remote Dowsing

I dowse using a pendulum and a floor plan and map. Over the years I have found this to be the most accurate process for me rather than being on site. The aim is to have little or no conscious input into the results so as not to influence them. I am an observer only. It also enables me to dowse any property, whether it’s down the road or halfway across the world.

Step 1: Water Divining

When dowsing properties, the first thing I look for is underground streams flowing under the property. Virtually every property will have some underground water activity. Underground streams are concentrated energy and are largely harmless but can cause health issues if flowing under beds or if in particularly potent configuration, such as at stream crossings.

Step 2: Ley Lines

The next thing I check is ley lines.  Ley lines are set up by people’s thoughts about another person or group of people. For example, a business owner may be in conflict with an employee who thinks negatively about them, thereby setting up a dowseable negative ley line. On the other hand, a positive ley line could set up by someone thinking fondly of their child living in another suburb. For most houses strong, personal and negative ley lines are the most problematic.

I have had a handful of cases where spirits or apparitions are found in the property and need to be moved on as they will stop a house from selling.

Step 3: Earth and Electrical

For health consultations, I also look for geomagnetic stress under a property. Geomagnetic stress is variations in the strength and frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field and can affect a property’s inhabitant’s physical and mental wellbeing. Geomagnetic stress tends to impact health but does not seem to have a deleterious effect to selling a property.

I also check for any problems with the power meter box and the earthing of the property as these can affect sleep and create health issues.

The Rules

The reason for doing this work must be beyond reproach. Is the work being done for ‘impeccable’ reasons?

The results will be driven by the health and happiness of the people involved: if money or ego are the prime motivators, then your satisfaction with the outcome cannot be guaranteed

My aim is to be totally detached from what I am dowsing. Ideally, an analysis is done by a non-judgmental observer who has an open mind to what is happening within the property,  whatever that may be.

In my experience, the most unexpected results are the most likely to be correct!